Certified Nurse Anesthetist Salaries

If you've considered becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist you may be wondering what the average CRNA salary is. Certified nurse anesthetist salaries are contingent on several factors including the amount of clinical training and work experience the nurse has, the location of the medical center, and even the employer. Most employers don't disclose a CRNA salary until the end of the interview process, but it can help to review average CRNA salary information in your area to prepare for the negotiation process.

Finding CRNA Salary Information

If you're looking for CRNA salary information, start your research online. Many online job banks and job sites have calculated the average CRNA salary in your state or city, and can also help you find open positions in your area. Doing some online research can give you a typical range of salaries for these positions, and also help you learn more about the general duties and responsibilities of this upper-level position.

The average CRNA salary is typically higher than that of a registered nurse and many other medical professions because it requires extensive training in the field, hours of hands-on training and passing a national certification exam. Certified registered nurse anesthetists are qualified to administer anesthesia in any state, and may work with a variety of patients at hospitals, surgery centers, emergency services departments and private clinics. The extent of training received and the amount of work experience the nurse has acquired will determine what type of salary the nurse is eligible to receive.

Salaries for Certified Nurse Anesthetists

Certified nurse anesthetist salaries typically range from $139,000 to $176,000. The median salary, or average CRNA salary, in the United States is $156,000. This CRNA salary information does not include bonuses and benefits packages which can vary significantly by employer.

It's important to remember that certified nurse anesthetist salaries typically aren't disclosed until the nurse meets with the employer during the interview process. Employers may consider the nurse's salary history, work experience and the facility's budget when extending an offer.

Average Salary

The average CRNA salary is typically higher than the average salary of many medical professions that require master's degrees or advanced training. Certified nurse anesthetist positions can be very demanding and are well-suited for those who thrive on challenges and are interested in providing patients with advanced care services.

CRNAs are required to inform patients of the risk of anesthesia and must follow strict protocol when delivering anesthesia to patients. This type of position relies on extensive experience, strong decision-making skills and the ability to work according to strict guidelines and procedures. CRNA's earn a higher than average salary in the medical field because they typically have at least two years of experience in acute care nursing, national certification and at least a master's degree in nursing.